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Jul 12, 2013 9:30am PDT
? okay. >> yes, what counts for the difference in the rates between marine and the lower? >> a couple of things. we have a strip to payback the $13 million reserve that we need in order to sign long-term contracts. since we don't have a creditworthy independent organization. we have a little bit set aside in case we sign of care customers. i think we have estimated what it would take to sign up 5,000 care customers. that is going down because our rate is going down, but it's still there. our budget, our administrative budget is higher. i actually think we'll be able to bring it down more, but i haven't consulted with the general manager about how much more we can strip out of that and still be safe. there is one more component. rim doesn't have a hundred percent green rate. i can't tell you offhand exactly what that component of the rate is, but it's probably around a penny for that. so it's a lot of little things to add up. >> you mentioned sonoma. have you figured out what they are going with? >> no. what they have is proposals in concept. so they still need to -- >> i thought the
Jul 17, 2013 5:00am PDT
of marine counties now being served in some development stage with 60 omega watts with power locally and they have signed all residents of the city of richmond. they have a very low opt out rate. they have had a lot of very positive experience. as you all know the county of sonoma is putting this with cca and have very low bids to provide this and others in california looking at cca to see if they can be components of a bigger research strategy. a few things have changed to allow us to reduce the rate. today it's 11.9 cents we've proposed recs as a way to reduce the rate which i understand is 3 cents of the lower rate attributable to the rates if that is the direction we'll go. we are also hoping to collect $2.4 million a year to allow us to jump start a build out process before we are able to bond and go forward with bigger and more projects. shell has reduced it's pricing a little bit for us. our rates as of today, the proposed rate is 11.9 cents. if we launch today we can set a rate today of under 11 cents. since the pg & e has presented a rate of 9 cents, we are now within striki
Jul 28, 2013 10:45am EDT
that point i want to tell you the story of a gentleman named eugene. eugene lee had been a marine. i first learned about him not from the french list but, in fact, from a newspaper article published in small upstate new york newspaper shortly before veterans day 2003. the article was mostly about local world war ii veterans, but at the very end there was a short little paragraph and it said that eugene lee, the only world war i veteran in the area still living was 104 years old eugene lee of syracuse. and then added, and i quote, that he was quote no longer able to give interviews. which i take as a personal challenge. i called up the reporter who was very gracious and told me that the source of that information was a jump in named ji casey. as i said, eugene lee was a former marine. so was jim casey but he served in the late 1950s. mr. lee was a widower and had no children. as close as family was in nice. so jim casey was sort of an adopted son take a look in on mr. lee, took them out to eat sometimes. was a gatekeeper. i told mr. casey what i wanted to do. and he said that mr. lee in fac
Jul 10, 2013 12:35am EDT
marines with a destructive secret. >> reporter: they are a new breed of powerful synthetic drugs, with names like spice and bath salts, sold openly. spice mimics the effects of marijuana, but their effects are like cocaine. the effects are like no drugs on earth. jordan and his friend, who we will call chris, started to use synthetic drugs at work as marines. when was the first time you did bath salts. >> probably about three years ago. >> reporter: what does it do to you? >> makes you feel like you can do anything you want. >> reporter: jordan was kicked out three months ago, but chris is still on active duty, which is why we're not showing his face. how popular are synthetic drugs in the military? >> it is an epidemic, like 50% or more have currently tried or do spice or bath salts. >> reporter: no way. >> yeah. >> reporter: the marines don't release the statistics on the bath salts, so it is difficult to tell. but jordan says one thing is clear, the drugs are not hard to find. >> a weird thing about it, they can be found anywhere. >> reporter: we're about to go downtown to buy
Jul 13, 2013 12:30am PDT
thousands of prisoners to ease over crowding. >>> and a controversial plan for affordable housing in marin provokes some communities to pull out of the development. coming up next. >>> good evening. welcome to this week in northern california. it has been a busy news week and we have a lot to cover tonight. joining me are richard halsted, marin independent journal reporter, michael montgomery, reporter for kqed news and center for investigative reporting. nannette anethma. last saturday's crash of asiana flight at the airport is causing concerns over the cause of the accident and the response both in the air and on the ground. tom, you covered this from the very beginning. just this afternoon there's been yet another development. we learned a third person has died from the crash, a girl. what do we know about her? >> not much. she is a minor. she is chinese national. the family has asked that little or nothing else be said about that and so far the hospital is honoring this commitment. we will learn very little other than the tragic loss of that person. we've also learned that a fire truck
Jul 16, 2013 5:30am PDT
prisoners in his country. and a marine reserve is facing a crucial test. we now believe that seven people has -- have died, that is the official figure in egypt after clashes between police and supporters of the deposed president, mohammed morsi. security forces firing tear gas at demonstrators close to the camera who have tried to block one of the main bridges over the nile during the night. it just so happened that a senior on what was in the city meeting interim egyptian leaders. not only a figure about the number of dead, nicole, but also a massive number of arrests as well. right, it turns out it was a far more deadly night than expected. injured andere reports now that some 400 people have been arrested. the deaths, most of those occurred around the cairo university area. two people died in the bridge square area, the one behind me that you can see in this shot. that was the total from the clashed overnight, clashes between pro-muhammed morsi supporters and police. >> in terms of the demonstrators still on the streets, you were telling me earlier that there were a great number of pe
Jul 24, 2013 5:00pm EDT
started -- starting august 5 on c-span. >> next a discussion on the marine corps and the future technology of war. >> host: in our last hour of the washington on wednesdays we take a look at recent magazine articles as part of our spotlight on magazine series. we want to show you the cover story of popular mechanics, the future of war, elite u.s. forces deployed new tech and tactics for tomorrow's conflict. senior editor of popular mechanics is joining us from new york to talk about the peace. joe, you went to the marine corps air ground combat center in the mojave desert. what is it and what's going on? >> guest: the combat center at twentynine palms is located close to joshua tree national park, and is a massive, sprawling desert environment where the marines can be very high fidelity life our combat training at the battalion level. it's one of the few places where they can use all the weapons they have at their disposal to train before deployment. so you have tanks, helicopters, combat aircraft, armored vehicles and marines all fa firg live in the nation and coordinating together to tra
Jul 24, 2013 7:00am EDT
this morning. he went to the marine corps air ground combat center in the mojave desert. what is it and what is going on there? guest: hi, greta. the combat center is located close to joshua tree national park, and it is a massive, sprawling desert environment where the marines can do very high fidelity live fire combat training at the battalion level. it is one of the few places where they can use all the weapons they have at their disposal to trained before deployment. you have tanks, helicopters, combat aircraft, armored liveles, marines firing ammunition and coordinating together to trained before deployment. it is a great place for a journalist like myself to go and really see how practitioner -- see a practitioner's eye view of how modern combat is conducted and you can get a glance of where it is going from there also. host: when you were there there were 800 marines training. what exactly were they doing? you refer to it as the integrated training exercise. what is that? guest: the integrated training exercise is a new variant on the familiar training exercises they do. they spent a
Jun 30, 2013 8:00pm EDT
of color at that time. olin johnson offered to appoint me to the marine academy. i wasn't interested. i never heard from albert watson. my mother to this day believes strom thurmon played a role, because every single milestone in my life until he died i would strom thurmon. >> you go to the academy, and you switched your uniform. >> i sure did. >> the united states marines. >> i knew two things when i graduated from high school. and they were both negative. under no circumstances was i going to go into the marine corps. you have to remember, i lived in columbia, south carolina, an hour, hour and a half drive from island. where else would they go? they would go to columbia, the swimming pool where i worked. i got to see marines up close and personal. they were crazy. and i did not want to fly airplanes. i thought that was inherently dangerous. the two things i knew, i would not fly, and i would not be a marine. any first year at the naval academy, my company officer was a gentleman by the name of john riley lowe. he was an infantry officer so much like my dad. was tough, but incredibly
Jun 30, 2013 11:00pm EDT
what i'm going to say. academy and you switch your uniform to the united states marines. when i w two thingings graduated from high school, two, that's all i knew. negative. both under no circumstances would i go to the marine corps. i live in columbia, south an hour, an hour and a half drive from paris island. on the weekends, marines came to because back then, you know, where else were the black marines going to go. columbia ould come to and go to drew park swimming pool where i worked. reens up closeema and personal. they were crazy. fly i thought that was inherently dangerous. not fly and i would not be a marine. naval st year at the academy, my first company officer was by the name of john officer.e, an infantry so much like my dad. he was tough. but incredibly fair. and although we wrl together for just one year, for my freshman naval academy, he so impressed me that my senior year, i said i want to be like him. so i did it. >> marine. sorties over vietnam? missions over north vietnam, laos, and cambodia. combat. >> what kind of plane. >> the best airplane god allow
Jul 27, 2013 8:00am PDT
dealing with marine biology, tiny white abalone and some day they will grow to to be like this. big, healthy and hopefully no longer an endangered delicacy. that will be another matter for the doctor. she and colleagues at bodega marine lab shows after ten years of training they successfully bred white abalone. >> to create babes in creativity. >> they didn't want to. >> the question how do these abalone reproduce. the combination is a trigger of food, light and temperature. >> in what amount? we're going manipulate one of each of those and see which one has an effect. >> the lab has now 125 specimens, barely as large as a tip of a pen, this one about a year old to fully grown adults. sports diving has left so few and far between in the waters of southern california that reproduction has become next to impossible. to survive the white abalone needs numbers and once they get the procession down, this will be a can produce them. >> i think the vision is within the next five years to start producing tens of thousands of these young animals to repop late the ocean. >> imagine that. savi
Jul 26, 2013 4:00pm PDT
of honor tho-to-this combat veteran. the staff sargeant is a former marine later enlisted in the army. he now calls antioch home. >> sargeant carter being honored for courageous action during a day long fire fight. this is u.s. army animation. the army says carter killed troops rendered first aid and risked his life to save a soldier. >> sargeant carter is also a purple heart recipient. the president bestowed the medal on another survivor. >> the clock is ticking for bart and unions to end another strike. by extending their current contract they've given themselves until august 4 to come up with a new agreement or else there could be another strike. that means there is nine days left to reach a deal. some progress has been made but main sticking points are salaries and benefits. they've not been discussed. bay area transportation leaders sat down to talk about contingency plans should bart strike again. >> ojaiy man accused of holding three women captive in his home has pleaded not guilty to 900, rather, guilty to 937 counts in a deal to avoid the death penalty. aerial castro enter that h
Jul 26, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. the marine layer is deepening. what this will translate into for your weekend landlord from hell. kip may see is giving his first interview from the san francisco county jail to the i team. >> macey and his wife harassed those in the apartment building they own for skipping bail and then skipping to europe. macey's biggest vehicle times turned out to be his own parents. >> 38-year-old kip macey told me that the landlord from hell label does president bother him. doesn't bother him. they bought it to rehab and sell, but they couldn't get the tenants out. >> the point is to get it red tagged because they lost all options. >> it is not burglary. >> so you were trying to get the building red tagged to take control of the building? >> that's correct. that's obviously not a nice thing to do. >> he told me he was ready to walk away from the project, but his wife was too emotionally invested. so they waged a campaign of harassment. they changed locks repeatedly and cut telephone lines and shut off gas and sawed through floors and doused beds, clothing and electronics and directed workers to cut suppo
Jul 22, 2013 4:30am PDT
news room shaken up by the earthquake. sglt from sleepily marin county to death threats and hate mail. what's causing politics to become dirty business? the other side of the worldt least 75 people were >>> we have developing news about earthquakes on the other side of the world. at least 75 people were killed by a quake in north western china. happened at 7:45 this morning and lasted for about a minute. the quake was magnitude 6.6. the chinese red cross is rushing to the area with tents, clothing and household items for the victims. >>> and look what happened in television new zealand's news room as 6.9 quake hit. you can see a woman looking for a safe spot. power was knocked out in some areas but no injuries reported and only minor damage. >> dozens of evacuees are back in their homes down in the south land as firefighter's get a handle on the mountain fire. evacuation orders were lifted for idyllwild. and they got help from mother nature. firefighters have made progress as a result. the 42 square mile fire is about 50% contained. >> we've had a lot of rain in the last day. inch and
Jul 12, 2013 10:00am PDT
to learn from marine and we have all along incorporating those difference. marine is a different jurisdiction and what san francisco is trying to do is something unique and it's unique also because of the diverse population that we have and i think it's something that we are very proud of the equation here. i'm ready to move forward. i do hope that we use this as an opportunity to expand where we are and to invite all the different partners to make this program even better. but i think that not moving forward would go against the decision that the board of supervisors has made. i also want to acknowledge the work of the puc, our general manager and his staff and miss malcolm in particular because i know she has been working with many of the parties involved with cca for a very long time. you are a very quick learner. you have hit the ground up and running. and you are willing to work with them and take into account. what i need to know that we do more work out to provide what the outlook looks like. lastly to our lafco staff, to jason and miss miller, thank you for the amazing wo
Jul 5, 2013 6:00am PDT
. thanks to the dippedeeper marine layer. yu can expect it to be seasonally cooler for tomorrow. we may see 10 to 20 degrees and drop in weather. i will have a full look at the weather and a few minutes. >> we are looking at very light traffic around the bay area but, there is a grass fire that has been reported east of alta mount pass way on the south side of interstate 580. we will be watching this. take a look at the bay bridge and the ride through the macarthur mayes. even now as we are approaching just after 6:00 a.m. on a typical day, even without bart, we will see a backups started to form. but because it is the day after the holiday this is what we are expecting for the rest of the commute around the bay. light traffic even now for the commute on an estate 580 and highway 4. we did have some slowing but is much lighter than usual. >> while bart wont be up and running for the morning commute, the thousands of people who have been forced to find alternate ways to get around the bay will be relieved to hear the good news that bart will be restored for the evening commute. kron 4's mike
FOX News
Jul 10, 2013 12:00am EDT
by a marine interview battalion. the marines will be leaving here soon. the question is, can the afghans protect this vital facility from the taliban once the marines are gone? can these guys fight? >> absolutely. >> have you seen them? >> yes, sir. >> is it the same kind of thing we would do in the marines or you do in the air force? >> sometimes the tactics are different. the planning is different. the way that they discuss when and where they're going to do things, but when it has to happen, they make it happen. they're fast, brave and they get things done. >> the weapons become the operations chief. give me a sense of their capabilities. >> i think they're doing a pretty good job. i was here two years ago, since then the afghans have taken the lead in the fight against the insurgency and have stepped up and started doing what they need to do to secure the country. >> very soon this aircraft and the marines will be gone. but what you see today is one more example of how the afghans are taking charge of their own destiny. >> you know, sean, standing next to me, a lieutenant who was wit
Jul 27, 2013 5:00am PDT
of staff sergeant was installed yesterday in the marine corps in virginia. in 1952 a careen boy sold it to the marines to pay for an artificial leg for his sister. during a battle he made 51 trips in one day alongside a mountain side to reach the marines firing positions. she brought injured troops down to safety and returned reloaded to ammunition. marines loved her. they would feed her rations and reckless was wounded twice. a southern california group angels without wings organized the monument to the horse. yesterday's ceremony included the laying of taps to honor reckless and the men who served with her. >>> one of the bison living at golden gate park for three decades has died. she was put down by the zoo staff yesterday morning after lets noticed she was no longer able to move. she lived to be more than 30 years old. she was one of the only descendents after 1984 birthday present to former san francisco mayor dianne feinstein from her husband, richard blum. >>> an effort is underway to save an endangered species to the south and bringing it to the north bay. wayne freedman is
Jul 27, 2013 12:30pm PDT
marine jacket relates to some of his drawings of coats in the 60s and to the latter each otherizing that were print in the armenian that was published shortly before he died. some of you may know the yates - the imagine of the coat has to do with approaching death and this was one of the things he worked on. my father painted 3 hundred and 65 days of the year. he was also looking and noticing. recreation was basically uninteresting to him so the ski trips and the trips to hawaii were not a part of our life. i was well traveled because we drove across the country and my father took jobs in colorado and where we render houses. but he rented the studio daily as usual. he and my mother took several trips to europe to invest friends but even on trips he looked in his particular way and sketched and sometimes painted. i have a hard time with tenss when talking about my father. i continue to find my father very present in my life. i think of my father's work as a series of unlimited spades. there is a sense of order even in emphasis chaotic works that pleas me on a level. when he died some
Jul 13, 2013 5:00pm PDT
in the next two hours as the winds begin to pick up bringing us cooler marine air. 81 degrees, 90s inland around fairfield and livermore. you can see the on shore winds increasing. that will probably bring down our temperatures a bit. good news for fire dangers, we have humidity levels, once the marine layer moves inland we'll see the numbers come up. it will spill locally across the rest of the bay area, and for the sierra, good news here, most of the monsoon moisture fired off the thunderstorms staying off to the east as we wrap up the weekend. in terms of the low clouds tonight. as we wake up tomorrow morning, drizzle and mist possible here around the peninsula and coast. sunshine once again as we move to the afternoon, santa cruz will get more sunshine than killer point or bodega bay tomorrow. we'll see the clouds sticking around into the afternoon. as the marine air comes in, we see a few low clouds across the inland locations. we may see a few patchy low clouds tomorrow morning. high temperatures tomorrow, about the same as today. we're talking low 80s in san jose. south of san jose
Jul 2, 2013 11:00pm PDT
to see the low clouds and fog. the marine influence kept you only in 65 degree mode for half moon bay. the highs innd la were 105 in antioch and 104 concord and 103 degrees in livermore. 92 in san jose and santa rosa and middletown halfway between clear leak and calistoga. extreme heat, 115 degrees. ukiah tied its record of 110. excessive heat warnings remain in affect until thursday at 7:00 p.m. could see heat related illnesses as the temperatures will remain on the toasty side. we'll be back to let you noy what it will look like -- let you know what it will like for the fourth of july and if we will break out of the hot spell. dan? >> not soon enough. >>> this hot weather is not just uncomfortable, but it is dangerous. it is so serious the santa clara county office of emergency services issued an alert today warning people about the heat. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live in san jose where people have been sent to the hospital because of this weather. >> dan, that is very true. that is also why a half million people got a call on their cell phone and on their home phones
Jul 20, 2013 12:35am PDT
on "nightline." seaworld and a documentary. it casts seaworld as a bad guy but tonight the marine park claims it is inaccurate and misleading. >>> underwear billionaire. from katy perry to beyonce, spanx are a slimming secret weapon worn by millions of women, now a few men. >> i'm wearing spanx. >> a modern take on the girdle built this woman a billion dollar empire. >> trayvon martin could have been me. >> a permanent reflection on being black in america. president obama compares himself to trayvon martin and claims racism in this country won't go away simply. >> keep it right here, america. "nightline" is back in just 60 seconds. >>> from new york city, this is "nightline" with bill weir. >> thanks for being with us this friday. found in every social the killer whale is among the most lethal apex predators on the planet if you happen to be a fish or a seal. yeah, despite their fearsome size and monster bite and that name, man is none on the menu but captive killer whales have turned on their trainers over the years and the most recent one inspired "blackfish" which questions the wisdom and
Jul 24, 2013 11:00am PDT
in marin, san mateo and santa clara counties, that works out to 84 years of life. university of washington researchers found that the bay area tops the charts when it comes to physical fitness and maintaining a healthy weight, all related. >> so glad i moved here. >> instant boost your life span. >> so many pluses. how about the weather? >> a plus today is the sunshine as you step outside. we are looking from emeryville this morning and there are still clouds along the coast but it looks like the typical summer pattern is back and will bring us the warmer weather the next couple of days. i will tell you how hot the temperatures will poe and how long they will last in the forecast. >> if you are looking for love, you may want to check your credit. what a study says about credit health and marriage. >> look at this hilarious video of a very >> covering daly city, los gatos, dublin/pleasanton and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> according to a new survey, bad credit can be a dealbreaker when it comes to love. 30 percent of women and 20 percent of men surveyed say they would not marry someon
Jul 11, 2013 9:30am PDT
flying at you. >> how some lucky folks survived a two-ton boomerang. >>> he is a u.s. marine. she is a jujitsu expert. that -- >> that's a choke hold, my friends. >> see who gets bragging rights after the final takedown. >> whoa. >>> first her boyfriend took her out on a thrill ride. then he whipped out a surprise. >> does look like it is quite large. >> oh, yeah. >> what left a stunned girl from end in tears. >>> and dry ice is definitely cold. >> you definitely don't want to touch it or eat it. >> see the guy who tried. >>> dash cam time. keep your eyes peeled. you never know what's going to come flying at you. >> whoa. >> right into the windshield of this car out of seemingly nowhere. the guy had no time to react. sad part, listen. >> oh, a baby. >> no serious injuries to report and some reports say the driver of the on coming car was a 71-year-old man that fell asleep at the wheel, crossed over the median and into on coming traffic. you see the cars up ahead manage to get out of the way and the car hits a tree and spins it around throwing it right into the path of this car. yo
Jul 8, 2013 2:30pm PDT
." still to come -- the painful story of sexual assault in the u.s. military. one former marine talks about an incident which forever changed his life. pope francis has made his first official trip outside rome and has gone to the island of luck producer. our vatican correspondent reports. >> this was new style, stripped- down papal travel. less ceremonial, with fewer bishops and local vip politicians hanging around. pope francis wanted to see for himself the tiny island just become a gate way into the you for undocumented african migrants. -- he threw aread modest wreath of yellow and white flowers into the sea to the memory those who had died at shipwrecked over the last years. at >> we need to wake in our consciousness. to make sure this never happens again. >> at least 40 migrants have drowned at sea. the year the figure was in hundreds. pope francis chatted with the help of an interpreter to muslim migrants. this evening will begin the fast of ram again. i wish for you great spiritual fruits. the altar in the shape of a boat. and francis at the ship's wheel. the chalice -- the wreck of
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,263 (some duplicates have been removed)